The Last Stand Down

The Last Stand Down | Trailer

The last Stand Down is an 8 Episode Fiction Audio Drama. This COVID-19 Production by Brisbane Podcasting Centre will launch the first two episodes on January 18, 2021 and then weekly.

The Last Stand Down Podcast - Episode 1

Episode 1  | Nightmares Realised

From boredom to stardom, Arthur Bayley is ousted from his normally safe boring job, runs into another evictee and saves a mother and child , while Mary Collins, his boss enters a wealthy world of intrigue.

The Last Stand Down Podcast - Episode 2

Episode 2 | Disappearing Partners

A death, a divorce and a theft – another not-normal day for Arthur…meanwhile Mary’s boss disappears.

The Last Stand Down Episode 3

Episode 3 | Office Attack

Arthur’s coerced back to work, accosted by two thugs and then escapes while Mary is held at knife and gun-point


Episode 4 | No Coincidences

An escaping Arthur bumps into Mary’s Boss’s daughter, his son starts a search while the mansion is attacked and MI5 are implicated. New Zealanders and Poles join the intrigue.

Episode 5 The last Stand Down

Episode 5 | Authority Invasions

New Zealanders are burgled by the Police in Scotland, while Arthur’s house is ransacked by a MI5 agent. Mary, Halee and Ahmed don disguises to exchange crucial documents with Sam, the disappearing boss. 

Episode 6 The Last Stand Down

Episode 6 | Breathless Pursuit

Mary’s London team – including Scots, New Zealanders and Pakistanis – are on the run while Arthur’s team blunders into the mansion to save Lord and Lady Atkinson…to arthur’s cost. 


Episode 7 The Last Stand Down

Episode 7 | Turncoats Unmasked

Mary’s team is hiding, shot at and Superintendent Hopkins helps them escape the London Metropolitan Police and MI5, while Arthur recovers consciousness.

Episode 8 The Last Stand Down

Episode 8 | Cornered Confessions

Mary’s team are cornered in London by the press and the whole story spills out, while some escape, some are caught and a happy ending for some. 

Bonus Episode 1 The last Stand Down

Bonus Episode 1 | Behind the scenes


Bonus Episode 2 The Last Stand Down

Bonus Episode 2 | The Characters Reunion.